1. Sqwires

  2. Perfect Sunday breakfast

  3. Very Happy cinqo (at El Maguey Mexican Restaurant)

  4. Good pie. Good Whiskey. #saturdaynight #whatareyoudoing (at The Blind Tiger at Sutton Place)


  5. We don’t often hear about the research being done to learn more about vitiligo, much less find a cure for it, but rest assured it is going on.

    March 20th was the Annual Society of Pediatric Dermatology’s pre-AAD meeting in Denver Colorado where
Richard Spritz, MD, University of Colorado, Denver, spoke about his research on the Genetics of Vitiligo.

    Here is a link to the…


  6. Vitiligo Cover treatment in Hungary is available. Vitiligo Cover lotion is specially created to cover the white patches of vitiligo to blend with your natural skin tone. The result is healthy, even-toned skin that you’ll be happy to show off year-round.

  9. 21!

  10. Vitiligo Cover Lotion travels to Hong Kong and loves it!